Joining the DDR-EXP VRave

The rave will be streamed towards multiple platforms to allow people to join/listen in from anywhere.

To begin, if you just want audio you can listen to stream via this radio station:

Of course we will also be streaming to twitch, so come hang in chat over at:


Virtual Reality is the name of the game, but even if you don’t have a vr headset you can still join the VR club via your desktop/laptop.

The club is hosted in the game VRChat, which you can install via steam:

When you have the game installed, it’s time to get into the club itself. The easiest way to join is via discord.


Another way to join directly is vis the VRChat bot, click to button to add the bto ass your friend on the VRChat website. Then go into the game and join the bot's world via your Social tab.