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The event

DDR-EXP V11 - CE (Crystal Edition).
Mark February 4th on your calendar, as it will have more arcades, more games and even something extra special before the main event so make sure to follow the updates in the socials!

Come play your favourite Rhythm games all day with the best community there is, we can't wait to see you all again.

Date/ location:

  • February 4th
  • The Games Guild, Concordiastraat 29, Alphen aan den Rijn


  • Pre-sale: 17,50
  • At the door: 20,-

What is DDR-EXP?

DDR-EXP Crystal is the 11th edition of the DDR-Exp events, which have been going on since 2017. This event will have all rhythm games that we can get our hands on to give visitors the best possible rhythm/music game experience. A lot of games will also have their own competition for players to show their skills.

We want to give everyone the chance to play their favourite games as much as they want, or give the opportunity to try out the newest games which they maybe haven’t had access to yet.