DATE: 26-02-2022

TIME: 12:00 - 16:00

On the 26th of February, the sight-reading tournament will be held at The Games Guild. Before attending, make sure that you registered and that you have read all the information/rules regarding the tournament. The doors will open at 12:00, the tournament will be kicked-off at 13:00. Since it’s been a while until we could actually host this we are excited to finally see the charts that have been made. Hope to see you there!





Alphen aan den Rijn (ingang parkeerplaats Hofzichtstraat),
Concordiastraat 29, 2406 XX Alphen aan den Rijn


Participants will all play each of the submitted songs once except those charted by the payer, facing off in a score based competition.

You are allowed to use player options considering:

  • Options that only affect the appearance of the game are allowed, with the exception of C-mod
    For example: m-mod, mini, noteskin, judgment font, etc.
  • Options that make modifications to the chart are not allowed.
    For example: no mines, simple, turn, etc.
  • Rate modding is not allowed.

Final ranking will be determined by the average rank (ranked by % score) over all songs. Some charts haven multiple difficulties. If the default highest difficulty available chart seems too high, you can opt to pick the second-highest available difficulty for a score penalty. This penalty will scale your score down to a maximum of 80%. Picking the third-highest available difficulty will again scale that score down to 80% again.


score = score * 0,8^(#Higher Charts)
So picking the 3rd highest chart will result in Score*0,8^(2) = Score*0,64


As it’s a sight-reading tournament, the charts won’t be made public beforehand. The songs will be played by everyone (except the step artist) one by one, with a group of 4 people (on 2 cabs) playing at the same time. The cabs will be shielded from view from the other players, and only those who have already played the song are allowed to look. After each song, a different group of 4 players will start first on the next one.


- Under 3 minutes (Please keep it playable)
- Sensible (Don't pick songs that would make people uncomfortable)
- Normal tempo (No ASMR/No Peepkicks)
- No heavy gimmicks (Unreadable stops ect.)
- At least 1 chart under difficulty 10 on your song, you may add higher ones

Keep in mind that:

- The name is correct
- The step artist field filled
- A banner and background are not needed (it will be competition art)
- The ITG offset is applied (9ms)


Thank you for all the song submissions for the sight-reading tournament.
The pack will be prepared and checked by a neutral person.
We currently are still waiting for the COVID numbers to drop and the restrictions to ease, so we can pin a tournament date.