– 21/10/2023 –

Arcade open: 16:00
Tournament start: 19:00
Tournament ending: 22:00
Closing: 23:30

Participant + Arcade: € 10.00
Arcade: € 10,00
Spectator: € Free

All skill levels can participate.
The competitions format will be KOTH.
Registration confirmation will be at location, 
please be on time before the event starts.
Any questions, please contact info@ddrexp.nl

From opening till 19:00, you can warm up on location. This bracket will go from Normal up to Expert+ and the format of will be KOTH (king of the hill)

You are allowed to bring your own VR glasses but it needs to be compatible with our Beatsaber setup. Since we will play on unmodded beatsaber setup we have no custom sabers and/or notes, Modifiers that influence the game score or give a unreasonable advantage are not allowed.

If you have tracking or other issues during play you may use a replay, you got 2 of these in the competition.

* Keep it clean
* Jackets or bags on the coat rack
* No aggression toward the machines
* Food and drinks not on the arcade


Concordiastraat 29, 2406 XX Alphen aan den Rijn

Any questions, please contact info@ddrexp.nl