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To see what categories fit your skill level, check the list below:
ITG Endurance 12 - 20
ITG Light 1 - 7
ITG Precision 9 - 14
ITG Doubles 1 - 13
Beat Saber All
SDVX 14 - 16 / 17 - 19
IIDX 8 - 12
jubeat Light 1 - 6
jubeat Heavy 6 - 10
pop’n Light 10 - 30
pop’n Heavy 30 - 45
Guitar Hero 1 - 6
PIU Heavy S17 - S21 & D17 - D22
PIU Light S6 - S13 (or D8)


A precision category for experienced players, heavy will feature recent charts between a difficulty of 9 to 14. A king of the hill format is used here as well, split into two rounds. First everyone will compete with 4 songs; one for each difficulty in the 9-12 range. The highest seeding players will then play 3 more songs from 12-14, from which the top 4 players will face off in a single elimination finale.


Doubles will be beginner friendly, and veteran uses a KOTH-like system where players have a large choice of what difficulties they will play. Players will have to pass 4 songs of consecutive difficulty of their choice (ranging from 1 to 13), where higher difficulty passes always prevail. Your set can be as easy as playing 1-4, or as hard as 10-13 or anything in between - the highest 4 consecutive difficulties passed will count as your seeding set. After the KOTH the top players enter Single Elimination finals.


Endurance has players competing in a last-man-standing contest. A list of recent charts will be available, where a competitor climbs up through the difficulties by consecutively passing songs. The difficulties will start at 12, and continue upward until there are six competitors left. These six competitors then play a special marathon where they have to hold out as long as possible. The player with the highest score on the marathon wins the event, in case multiple people clear the marathon.


Double elimination, best of 1 into best of 3. Top 4 will be Best of 5 if there is time for that. Songs will be randomly generated by the games random song option.


You will go head to head in a single elimination tournament, all rounds up to the semifinals will be best of three, semifinals and the final match will be a best of five. The tiebreaker will be a random song.

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The location has more than enough room for freeplay. So if you have ever played games like Guitar Hero or more, be sure to check this out!

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The whole weekend will be filled with competitions. Try taking on the best or join just for fun.

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Not just an event, we are a community which is growing! Meet friend, make friends and challenge each other.

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We will have so many rhythm games we are sure you won't know them all. But you can also dive back into the classics.