Every Week we will ornaize a “Arcade night” where the community joins and plays together. Wanna hang and have a nice time or maybe your new and want to get all the tips to become the best. Which day its hosted will be voted on in the dicord channel which is our main social to stay up-to-date on arcade night.

Time:19:00 / 23:00
Location:Van Nesstraat 1A, Alphen aan den Rijn

Place be so kind to buy your drinks or food at the location.

Don’t damage or open any of the machines, if  malfunction please report to staff.

If possible, hang your jacket and place any bags on a place which could not lay in any ones path.

Aside from the arcades we sometimes run specials console games On request

Rhythm arcade / The Games Guild:

Van Nesstraat 1A,
2404 AV Alphen aan den Rijn

KvK: 53039793