We’ve been longing to host another rave to put out some sick beats for y’all,

but covid isn’t making things easy.

So we found another way, VR. The 5th of march we’ll be throwing a sick rave in a Virtual Reality club via VRChat. This is a new concept to most of us, so we’re putting in a lot of effort to give you a rave experience from your own home.

Please keep track of this page for more information that will follow.

For those who can’t wait, here’s a countdown that accounts for your local time:


Since we can’t physically meet anywhere, we’re trying something new. A rave in a virtual club!

Technology has come a long way and we feel pretty solid about giving this a serious shot.

The rave will be held on friday the 5th of march. We will start off around 17:00 NL time,

be sure to keep an eye on this page for more information.

We’ll be featuring some or favourite DJ’s and friends.


Check out the timetable here:


You will be able to get into the club via url that will be shared when the event goes live. More information like the timetable will follow soon!

Of course you can also follow along via twitch, it will be streamed to out twitch channel: