Portable dance pad with force sensitive resistor technology

The precision you need

The precision you need

Small and portable

The smaller size combined with a handle makes it easy to bring your skills to a party or some friends. The pad weight is around 9KG and connects through USB type C.

Adjust the values

The pad automatically connects to your dance game. The software makes it possible to adjust the FSR values, this puts you in control of the exact sensitivity.


  • Weight: 9kg / 20lb
  • Size: 56.5cm / 22.2inch
  • Rubber bottom mat for damping & anti slip
  • Carry handle for taking the pad along wherever you go
  • Standard size center panel
  • Analog FSR sensors
  • Adjustable reference resistor for custom resolution per panel
  • RGB Reactive and configurable lighting
  • High quality precision machined multiplex base structure
  • 1mm glossy stainless steel sheeting
  • Accurate panel raising system via custom corner bricks
  • TPU damping pads
  • 8mm polycarbonate panels
  • Easy-to-use software, open source